Thursday, May 31, 2012

Crazy thought - Prince on Horse

Life is beautiful when you eat ice cream and walks with me,
It becomes a dream of magical town of Cinderella,
You the prince and I am Cinderella of your dream,
You pop out like a drug in my blood.
My veins cry and die with thrust for you without you.
My senses turn high when you touch my hand,
My eye covers shutter downs when you stares me,
My big big Dracula tooth hides under my lips with bashful,
My watch freezes when you stand with me under this shiny dark sky.
In searching mode of my life waiting for that first perfect kiss,
All this will happens when you appear in my life.
“Will” (Future) becomes “is” (present) to plan beautiful “will” (Future).
Waiting to feel that feel of smile and a shy and with a cry in my eye,
Hoping and waiting when my dream comes true,
Searching for a gentleman for a stupid girl like me,
Waiting like a blue whale waits to expel water from her Blowhole,
Like a drug addicts waits for drug to run in his veins,
Waiting like bird to fly free and high.
Waiting to colour my first love story with unwashable colours.
I am here waiting for you to become mine, you and me to become “We”.
I am waiting here lonely for you only to say just one thing,
To you my dream man, my prince on horse,
That yes I love you and wait till you add "too" to my love you :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Soo Close, Soo far...

Your feeling was true
Mine was too
But this dream can’t be true
U & I like a part of two trees
Our roots are unlike
Branches are wide
To avoid this duty is not our right
All right, take a step right
Make this feeling a beautiful light
That light so bright
Like shining night
Make this feeling dream of morning (sun)
Believe might get it real (true)
But its unreal
Can we live with this fragrance?
Like a butterflies on lily
And a morning drop on rose
Be that one for me
Like a hope in dark and a drop in a dry.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Anyway!! its My Life..

I here, standing still,
Full of fear, eyes with tear,
Heart with sore, marks of tore,
Guilt is here in my soul, ears are listening voice of door
Waiting for some care to come to share my cup full of sorrow,
Searching for red ribbon on finish line,
running so hard…on my path
Not getting any ribbon or finish
Just checkpoints of sorrows and wounds….
Just new mission and missions
Numbers are increasing, now every minute is teasing
Is there any end of this race, or I am gonna die before it end..
What to do, there is no way
Have one idea to walk away,
awwww is it possible to walk away from what is everywhere,
got any idea why I am saying this way?
I am just talking about LIFE anyway…..

Sunday, February 26, 2012

मिट्टी का तन, मस्ती का मन, क्षण भर जीवन, मेरा परिचय: Lost Myself

मिट्टी का तन, मस्ती का मन, क्षण भर जीवन, मेरा परिचय: Lost Myself: Life is unpredictable When u think everything is alright Everything gone worst When u think u will be able to correct everything U...

Lost Myself

Life is unpredictable

When u think everything is alright

Everything gone worst

When u think u will be able to correct everything

U sinks deep and deep in sea

Ur way keeps running from you away

You keep trying but your destiny keep hiding

How everything gonna change, everything gonna fine

When I am in way, still struggling with me

Fighting alone with myself

Will anybody understand?

I want to run!!

But can anybody tell me how to run with ur soul, with urself

Is there any way to hide from me

Irony is: Me is running from me”

Because I have lost me in we.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Can't I?

Want to say a thing,
I want you but I can’t have you
I like you but I can’t tell you
CAN’T this thing can be in my hand??
If it could
I could change whole life
I would be in your childhood,
Every time with every wipe,
Every dream shared with your dream
Every line with your rime
I know I can’t do this
That’s why I am lying
Can’t I change this?
Can’t I dream this?
Can’t I image this can’t I do this
But it can be only when If I could
And in reality I know I can’t
Stop this because I am seriously can’t
Can’t do this
But Can’t avoid this
Its hard & it hurt.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Save Our Tigers

If we go from nothing to everything, about our surroundings, God was the only creator. As Hindu mythology, God thought about life and then he felt the necessity of a planet, than the nature, than the animals and finally the human beings. If we ignore the mythology, and give all priority to the science, same life cycle would be appeared. And according to science, nature would be the creator of living beings. Any how, nature is the centre of creation. In brief, Nature is the parents of animals, and animals are the parents of human beings. And it is really pity that we are killing our parents and than we are selling their body parts, we are eating them.

See our humanity; we are proud to be called human beings!!! In real, put the humanity out of this context, we are not even like animals, I really feel that, in comparison of animals and human beings, I am insulting the animals.

Now, many of the intelligent people will stand against it.

Yes, they have the right to speak, speak against anything. They will shout that they are not killing monkeys; they know the science as well as the scientific history. Some of them will say that if they will not kill animals, animals would be increased in a large number and it would be a great problem to them. I want to ask to those intelligent people that how they can think this. How can you challenge the nature’s power? If nature created the animals, if nature had the power to create, it has a power to destroy also. Why do you think yourself responsible for that? Nature manages all which nature did, but if you will interrupt the nature, than it is sure that you would be the only responsible for that geological crisis.

So friends "Speak Up" Come with me we can change this....

Log on "" and help me to protect our Nature, Our Animals........Our Tigers..."

Wake up "Just 1411 Tigers are Left" Wake up before it become too late.