Thursday, May 31, 2012

Crazy thought - Prince on Horse

Life is beautiful when you eat ice cream and walks with me,
It becomes a dream of magical town of Cinderella,
You the prince and I am Cinderella of your dream,
You pop out like a drug in my blood.
My veins cry and die with thrust for you without you.
My senses turn high when you touch my hand,
My eye covers shutter downs when you stares me,
My big big Dracula tooth hides under my lips with bashful,
My watch freezes when you stand with me under this shiny dark sky.
In searching mode of my life waiting for that first perfect kiss,
All this will happens when you appear in my life.
“Will” (Future) becomes “is” (present) to plan beautiful “will” (Future).
Waiting to feel that feel of smile and a shy and with a cry in my eye,
Hoping and waiting when my dream comes true,
Searching for a gentleman for a stupid girl like me,
Waiting like a blue whale waits to expel water from her Blowhole,
Like a drug addicts waits for drug to run in his veins,
Waiting like bird to fly free and high.
Waiting to colour my first love story with unwashable colours.
I am here waiting for you to become mine, you and me to become “We”.
I am waiting here lonely for you only to say just one thing,
To you my dream man, my prince on horse,
That yes I love you and wait till you add "too" to my love you :)


  1. “Will” (Future) becomes “is” (present) to plan beautiful “will” (Future)...
    Just beautiful :)
    All the best to you too :P

  2. amazing thought d best & keep yaad haina..hehhe:-)))