Thursday, March 22, 2012

Soo Close, Soo far...

Your feeling was true
Mine was too
But this dream can’t be true
U & I like a part of two trees
Our roots are unlike
Branches are wide
To avoid this duty is not our right
All right, take a step right
Make this feeling a beautiful light
That light so bright
Like shining night
Make this feeling dream of morning (sun)
Believe might get it real (true)
But its unreal
Can we live with this fragrance?
Like a butterflies on lily
And a morning drop on rose
Be that one for me
Like a hope in dark and a drop in a dry.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Anyway!! its My Life..

I here, standing still,
Full of fear, eyes with tear,
Heart with sore, marks of tore,
Guilt is here in my soul, ears are listening voice of door
Waiting for some care to come to share my cup full of sorrow,
Searching for red ribbon on finish line,
running so hard…on my path
Not getting any ribbon or finish
Just checkpoints of sorrows and wounds….
Just new mission and missions
Numbers are increasing, now every minute is teasing
Is there any end of this race, or I am gonna die before it end..
What to do, there is no way
Have one idea to walk away,
awwww is it possible to walk away from what is everywhere,
got any idea why I am saying this way?
I am just talking about LIFE anyway…..